About Win-Dor

WinDor Brea Factory WinDor Brea Factory Win-Dor is Southern California largest manufacturer and installer of vinyl hybrid windows and door systems including patio doors, multi slide doors, folding doors and french doors.

Founded by brothers-in-law Wolf Wirthgen and Gary Templin in 1990, the family owned and operated Win-Dor has manufactured and installed well over 1,000,000 windows and doors at both residential and commercial sites.

Over the years, Win-Dor has won numerous awards due to its high quality standards and exceptional customer satisfaction ratings. Win-Dor is also a brand of choice featured on television shows such as House Crashers and others. WinDor Brea Factory

We look forward to serving you and your needs as a dealer or manufacturer representative.

Gary Templin & Wolfgang Wirthgen
Owners and Founders