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Folding Door Technology - Exclusively from Win-Dor

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Win-Dor has combined vinyl and aluminum to offer something truly special...  A folding door system that is strong, rigid and incredibly energy efficient.  Best of all, the Win-Dor Exterior Folding Door system is affordable, typically priced much lower than comparable door systems giving you more for less.

The positives and negatives of an "all aluminum" folding door system

Aluminum is a great material for folding door systems. It is strong and rigid. It allows for larger sized installations vs. the traditional vinyl folding door system. At the same time, there are several drawbacks to a standard aluminum door system. Just like aluminum windows, it eventually corrodes and breaks down. Secondly, aluminum is great at transferring energy. Because of this, an aluminum bi-fold system will not be as energy-efficient.

The positives and negatives of an "all vinyl" folding door system

Vinyl is also a great material for folding door systems. Unlike aluminum, higher quality vinyl will never crack or peel. It won't corrode. In fact, vinyl bifold doors require very little maintenance. And just like vinyl windows, vinyl bifolds can be incredibly energy efficient.

But just like its aluminum counterpart, there are drawbacks with vinyl. A folding door system made exclusively from vinyl doesn't have the same strength and rigidity as an aluminum bifold door system. And because of this, the size of the opening is extremely limited, especially for larger residential and commercial applications.

The Win-Dor Folding Door Solution

Win-Dor makes an innovative, durable, low-maintenance folding door system that is considered among the highest quality folding doors in America. But don't take our word for it, we can provide you with the testing data on request and you can compare for yourself.

Our unique blend of strong rigid aluminum framing with a long-lasting, low maintenance vinyl capping creates a unique combination not available from other manufacturers. And one which is also thermally improved.

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All of these features add up to a door that clients love.

Innovative, Durable and Low Maintenance

Locks and Handles

Shoot Bolts


Grid Types

Grid Options

Glass Options

A Variety of Color Options

Popular Choices, Energy Efficient and Low Maintenance

Extruded Colors
Standard Colors
Dk Bronze (Coated)
Black (Coated)
Terra Tone (Coated)
Semi-Custom Colors
Silver (Coated)
Beige (Coated)
Taupe (Coated)
WinShield® Colors
Jet Black (WinShield®)
[PDF] Download Color Chart

Extruded Colors

Every window and door manufactured by Win-Dor Systems is made from the highest quality 100% virgin vinyl available, extruded in either white or beige.  Colors are consistent throughout the products, hardened to stand up to the harshest elements and will never peel, chip or need paint.

Standard Colors

A variety of popular painted exterior coating options are available.  Each color is bonded onto the vinyl surface and adds an element of heat reflectivity.  All of our painted finishes are scratch and chip resistant, made to withstand the elements and formulated for optimal energy efficiency.

Semi-Custom Colors

Additional exterior colors are available.  The semi-custom color family of colors may require longer production lead-times.  Please consult the factory for additional information.

WinShield® Colors

WinShield® is a specialty laminate made from multiple layers of durable and highly reflective materials. Each layer adds to its strength and heat reflectivity. The laminate is bonded to the vinyl using a specialized process. WinShield’s unique technology performs incredibly well even in extreme environments. It is virtually maintenance-free, much more durable than traditional paints used by others, and provides a consistent color that can be carried across multiple products reducing variations.