3750 Three Track Sill Cover

Save Time and Money with Win-Dor’s Sill Track Cover
Are you having to run endless service calls to replace sill caps or tracks damaged by negligent trades? Rarely are you able to charge what’s needed to cover the true cost of the service. Win-Dor’s 3 track sill cover will give you peace of mind that when your crew leaves the job, they won’t be returning for those costly and timely service calls.

The cap cover is made up of regrind material which allows us to keep the cost low and pass the savings on to you.

This cap will come 11’ in length and is:
• Re-usable. You can easily pick it up when returning for a lock and slide and re-use on the next install.
• Easy to cut on-site. You can use something as simple as a utility knife or a pair of snips.
• Only $8 per piece.
• It can be installed directly over the aluminum sill caps that come with the door.

Win-Dor will be selling this cap in bundles of 25 at $200 a bundle. This product can only be shipped on direct truck and shipping is free when combined with other orders. To order simply email [email protected] and ask for the bundle of 3 track sill covers.

Jamie Edwards
Author: Jamie Edwards

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