Misuse of Anti Slam Feature on Sliding Doors

All our sliding door multi-point locks are designed with an anti-slam feature. The purpose of the anti-slam is to prevent potential damage to the door or locking system hooks.  The anti-slam pin will adjust in and out depending on the position of the panel and will not allow the hooks to extend unless the door is closed against the frame. This feature ensures that when you operate the lock, it is close enough to engage the keeper and prevent misuse of the lock.

When the door is shut, the anti-slam button will be compressed by the keeper on the jamb, allowing the lock to be engaged as intended.  Never push the pin in and engage the lock. If the pin is pushed in and the door is closed the hooks will smash the keeper into the jamb and break the lock.  If the anti-slam feature is not used properly, the lock will be damaged and the warranty will be void.

anti slam sliding doors from user10275558 on Vimeo.

Jamie Edwards
Author: Jamie Edwards

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