2200 & 2300 Series Product Change Notification

To our valued customers:

The coming of the New Year brings us all new opportunities and hopefully new customers.  In an effort to improve and enhance our product offering, WinDor Inc. is proud to announce a complete product change beginning in January. It has been no small undertaking to accomplish, and we are excited to present the changes to our customers. There are many small changes that allow us manufacturing benefits, improved efficiencies and overall performance, increase in production capacity and installation enhancements. All at the same time, these changes help us maintain the consistent high quality standards you have come to expect from WinDor along with controlling cost containment as a top goal. We succeeded!

The callout of the products will change. The current 2200 patio door and folding window systems will become the 2750 series. The 2300 multi-slide and folding door systems will become the 3750 series. What is the meaning of the system designation? The 2750 series refers to a sash/panel stile and rail overall width of 2 ¾” (2.750) and the 3750 is an overall width of 3 ¾” (3.750). It is a slightly wider panel profile than the current 2200 at 2 ⅝” and the 2300 at 3 ⅜”.

With all the changes that have been made there will be little visual impact to the customer. Any builder using the WinDor product can be switched over with no impact or concerns about looking different than what may already be in a model home.

The implementation date will be as follows;

  • Patio Doors systems – Any order placed after January 1st 2018 will receive the new 2750 profile
  • Multi-slide systems – Any order placed after January 1st 2018 will receive the new 2750 profile
  • Folding Door systems – Any order placed after April 1st 2018 will receive the new 3750 profile
  • Folding Window systems – Any order placed after April 1st 2018 will receive the new 3750 profile

Please see the following by product type changes.

Common changes to all systems

  • Extrusion now has both the 1” and 1 ⅜” nail flange. WinDor scores and snaps off one of the flanges to accommodate your order. No more applied fins
  • Simulated glazing line on exterior of panel extrusion
  • Newly designed integrated weep channel in sash/panel
  • New KD gasket system at corner joints
  • New end work details for easier and stronger joints
  • Better internal frame webbing designs create additional profile strength

2750 Patio Door

  • Improved OXXO mullion/panel interlocker
  • Improved DP performance on OXXO systems
  • Extruded centerline on side jamb for proper keeper placement

3750 Multi-slide

  • 4 track system is now one continuous extruded track (current system utilize 3 track with 4th track applied to the 3 track main frame)
  • Improved corner mullion
  • Extruded centerline on side jamb for proper keeper placement

3750 Folding Door & Window systems

  • Redesigned frame
  • Easier field assembly

For further questions on our changes, please contact your local WinDor representative or our customer service department.

The entire WinDor team appreciates your business in the past and look forward to servicing your big door needs in the coming years.

If you have any questions or comments about the following changes, please contact your Win-Dor Representative.

2300 vs 3750 SGD Comparison

2200 vs 2750 SGD Comparison

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