Exterior Folding Doors with More Glass and More Options

WinDor is pleased to announce larger panel options for our 3750 exterior folding door product line.  Effective today, we are increasing the maximum panel size from 40” wide to 46 11/16” wide. This allows us to make the largest vinyl panels on the market.

Our wider panels offer more flexibility when designing a door system affording options that were previously unavailable.  Our clients now have the option to open a wall with fewer panels creating an opening with more glass and a less obstructed view.

In addition to the increase in width, we’ve also increased our maximum panel square footage from 27.75 square feet to 29.5 square feet when the door height is 95 ½” or less.  Win-Dor is still able to make doors up to 120” tall, however, the old maximum square footage per panel of 27.75 would apply.

For example, the new size allows for 3-panel doors with a net frame of 143 ½” x 95 ½”.  In the past, doors this size would have been a minimum of 4 panels.

3750 folding-door old 3-panel max

3750 folding-door new 3 panel max


John May, Win-Dor’s National Inside Sales Manager said; “The look of the door is eye-catching. With less sash and more glass, your customers can really open up their wall to allow the outdoors in without compromise to the integrity of the product.”  

Just another way WinDor is making big doors affordable.

Color Options: 

Win-Dor offers a wide variety of color options.  All products are made using either white or beige extruded reinforced vinyl.  Six popular paint colors are available for the exterior. Plus, our exclusive WinShield® process is available in both the interior and exterior in a black/black configuration.

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