Win-Dor WinShield® Exclusively from Win-Dor

Say Goodbye to White! Black Doors and Windows Now Available...

Win-Dor's WinShield® is a specialty laminate made from multiple layers of durable and highly reflective materials. Each layer adds to its strength and heat reflectivity. The laminate is bonded to the vinyl using a specialized process. WinShield’s unique technology performs incredibly well even in extreme environments. It is virtually maintenance-free, much more durable than traditional paints used by others, and provides a consistent color that can be carried across multiple products reducing variations.

WinShield® is now available on Sliding Doors, Swing Doors, Multi Slide Doors, Folding Doors and Folding Windows.  This feature is NOW  available on Casement Windows as well.

Interior and Exterior Black framed doors and windows are

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