Hybrid Exterior Folding Windows

Exclusively from Win-Dor

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Hybrid Exterior Folding Windows - Exclusively from Win-Dor

Hybrid Exterior Folding Windows

As folding doors become more and more popular, some of our customers have asked us if we'd be willing to make a few windows to match their doors. Our response? "Sure, why not."

Today we use the same proven platform to make our hybrid folding windows as we do for our hybrid folding doors. And unlike other manufacturers who solely use aluminum, vinyl or wood when manufacturing their folding window systems, Win-Dor combines both vinyl and aluminum to offer our customers something truly unique.

The positives and negatives of an all aluminum folding window system

You see, aluminum is a great material for bifold window systems. It is strong and rigid. It allows for larger sized installations vs. the traditional vinyl bifolding window system. At the same time, there are several drawbacks to a standard aluminum window system. Just like aluminum windows, it eventually corrodes and breaks down. Secondly, aluminum is great at transferring energy. Because of this, an aluminum bifold system will not be as energy efficient.

The positives and negatives of an all vinyl folding window system

Now, vinyl is also a great material for bifold window systems. Unlike aluminum, vinyl will never crack or peel. It won't corrode. In fact, vinyl bifold windows require very little maintenance. And just like vinyl windows, vinyl bifolds can be incredibly energy efficient.

But just like its aluminum counterpart, there are drawbacks with vinyl. A bifold window system make exclusively from vinyl doesn't have the same strength as an aluminum bifold window system. And because of this, the size of the opening is extremely limited, especially for larger residential and commercial applications.

The Win-Dor Folding Window Solution

Understanding the limits of both, Win-Dor set out to create an extremely durable, strong, very low-maintenance energy efficient folding window system that we feel is probably the highest quality bifold windows in America.

Our unique blend of strong rigid aluminum framing with a long-lasting, low maintenance vinyl capping and a smaller sill creates a unique combination not available from other manufacturers. And one which is also thermally improved.

Folding Window Technical Documents

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Hardware Options

Shoot Bolt & Handle Finish

Hinge Finish

Door Catch Finish

Color Options

Vinyl and Paint Color Options

Features & Benefits
Performance and Test Data
Features & Benefits
  • Contemporary styling with simple lines and contours
  • White uPVC door panels will not peel, rot, or swell. Built to last with little to no maintenance
  • Available in both outswing and inswing configurations
  • Thermally enhanced panel design provides increased thermal efficiency
  • Thermally enhanced aluminum frame
  • 5/32" to 1 ⅟₄" glazing, allows for a wide range of energy efficient or sound reduction glass options
  • Adjustable kick panel, to meet ADA or architect specified requirements
  • Internal reinforcement allows up to 9' tall panel heights without additional reinforcement
  • Integrated multi-point, stainless steel locking system. Standard in most configurations
  • Hinges available in stainless & bronze powder coated
  • Window handles available in white, brushed chrome, black & brass
  • Custom panel configuration available up to 52' in width
  • Standard frame colors are bronze & white
  • Threshold available in bronze or clear anodized finish
  • Available in custom colors, see Colors

Custom Configurations: Our Folding Window is part of a much larger family. It can be mulled with the following product:

  • Large picture windows
  • Other Folding doors or windows

Lots of grid options to choose from:

  • 5/8" Colonial Flat Grid
  • 1" Continental Sculptured Grid
  • SDL or Simulated Divided Lite
  • Beveled Glass
ADA Sill or built in Flush Sill
Nail Fin comes in 1" or 1 3/8" setback. Custom setbacks are available for most exterior configurations
Retangular & arched transoms
Corner unit Folding door has no fixed corner beam. When the door is open you have an unobstructed view.
Performance and Test Data

Structural Test Result: LC-PG30 (Light Commercial - Performance Grade 30)

Test Standard: AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08

Unit Tested: 3.3.0 - 3 panel, 125" x 87"

Tested at



Air Infiltration - ASTM E283-04

1.57 psf (25 mph)

0.02 CFM/ft²

0.30 CFM/ft²

Water Resistance - ASTM E547-00

6.00 psf

No Leakage

No Leakage

Uniform Load Deflection - ASTM E330-02

30 psf (110 mph)

0.829 Positive

No Damage

0.728 Negative

No Damage

Uniform Load Structural Test - ASTM E330-02

45 psf (130 mph)

0.251 inches

0.251 inches

Forced Entry Resistance - AAMA 1304-02

Test A, B & C

No Entry

No Entry